Check out the new subproject, where you could find a lot of OpenGL tutorials which were ported to OpenGL ES 1.x or already made OpenGL ES 1.x tutorials adapted for SDL 1.3 and QNX 6.4.x: OpenGL ES Lessons


Be sure you have read the Readme before installing any of these packages!

Here is up-to-date status of all packages (and which are planned too) which are available in QOpenCD

Here are the packages in the alphabetical order which are ready to downloading and installing:

Name Size Last Update Dependencies M
autoconf-2.62 728Kb 24.11.2008 perl LS
automake-1.10.1 542Kb 24.11.2008 perl LS
comm-6.12 13Kb 24.11.2008 gettext, libiconv LS
curl-7.19.2 539Kb 24.11.2008 LS
freetype-2.3.7 1.18Mb 27.11.2008 LS
gettext-0.17 3.75Mb 24.11.2008 libiconv LS
glib-1.2.10 232Kb 24.11.2008 LS
glib2-2.17.2 2.50Mb 24.11.2008 gettext, libiconv LS
gperf-3.0.3 104Kb 24.11.2008 LS
groff- 2.28Mb 24.11.2008 LS
libiconv-1.12 715Kb 24.11.2008 gettext LS
libpng-1.2.33 437Kb 24.11.2008 LS
libtool-2.2.4 573Kb 24.11.2008 perl LS
m4-1.4.11 223Kb 24.11.2008 LS
mc-4.6.2-pre1 2.5Mb 24.11.2008 gettext, glib2, iconv LS
pcre-7.8 633Kb 24.11.2008 LS
perl-5.10.0 7.53Mb 24.11.2008 LS
pkg-config-0.23 63Kb 24.11.2008 LS

Packages summary:

  • Total packages: 18
  • Total size: 24.1Mb
  • Last updated: 27.11.08

Maintainer's acronyms:

  • LS - Lestat - Mike Gorchak

See QOpenCD Team for more information.

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