yaSSL Releases Secure Embedded Web Server for Connected Devices

yaSSL.com announces the Release of the yaSSL Embedded Web Server for Embedded Devices and Applications. The Yassl Embedded Web Server is an Excellent New Choice for Embedded Systems Developers Building the Next Generation of Mobile and Embedded Devices.yaSSL.com, the leading provider of open source embedded SSL, is pleased to announce the release of the yaSSL Embedded Web Server. Initially targeting embedded devices and applications, the yaSSL Embedded Web Server is a lightweight choice for embedded systems developers building the next generation of mobile and embedded devices.
Key features included in the yaSSL Embedded Web Server:

Small! Less than 200k footprint

SSL security enabled

Commercial grade technical support for deeply embedded systems

Versions of the yaSSL Embedded Web Server for RTOS and embedded environments are available on a subscription basis. Annual subscriptions are available at the industry leading price point of $5,000 USD per year. Subscriptions include the following:

Commercial support for CyaSSL and the yaSSL Embedded Web server

Updates and upgrades

Porting of both the SSL and the Embedded Web Server to your environment and chip set

Commercial licenses

Size and speed optimization support

Supported environments include ThreadX, VxWorks, QNX, OpenWRT, Tron, iTron, Microitron, OpenCL, and MontaVista. Other supported environments are available on a per request basis. Support for *nix and *bsd is also available.
About yaSSL.com:
yaSSL.com is a leading provider of open source embedded security software, whose primary products are embedded ssl, cryptography and embedded web servers for device based applications like IP and mobile phones, routers, and printers. yaSSL.com is headquartered in Bozeman, Montana.

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