XTNDAccess Bluetooth SDK v1.4 Released

Extended Systems, a leading provider of mobile information management and wireless connectivity solutions, announced that it has released the latest edition of the company's Bluetooth Software Development Kit (SDK). Version 1.4 demonstrates Extended Systems' continued commitment to providing mobile device makers with easy-to-use software that shortens development time and ensures complete, robust and user-friendly Bluetooth implementations. It includes support modules for leading real-time operating systems such as VxWorks, Linux, Nucleus, and QNX.XTNDAccess Blue SDK version 1.4 provides more robust handling of a wide variety of Bluetooth radios, making it easier for applications to handle missing radio events, unexpected disconnections, and hardware re-initialization. Version 1.4 also includes improved security features, built-in performance monitoring, an intelligent Device Selector that allows applications to query a database of previously connected devices, and many other performance and usability improvements, making this release a great step forward in ensuring the ease of use Bluetooth requires in order to become ubiquitous in the market.
Detailed press release can be found here.

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