RT-LAB Engineering Simulators for QNX

GE Transportation Systems selects RT-LAB Engineering Simulators to develop New Auxiliary Power Controllers for Locomotives.
Opal-RT offers comprehensive scalable real-time simulation and control solutions to reduce cost and development time for complex real-time systems. RT-LAB, enables high-end simulation and control, from embedded control to parallel distributed computing, on commercial-off-the-shelf platforms. Compatible with MATLAB/Simulink, MATRIXx/SystemBuild, RT-LAB is available for WinNT and QNX targets.RT-LAB is the real-time technology that revolutionizes the way model-based design is performed within the engineering organization. Through its openness, RT-LAB has the flexibility to be applied to any simulation and control problem, and scalability to provide a low-risk entry point for any application, allowing the developer to add computation power where and when needed-whether to dramatically speed up simulations or for real-time hardware-in-the-loop applications.

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