RealisTiQ Project has come to town.

A .NET implementation for the QNX Platform.
Still in planning, we're working to deliver to the community, a highly capable Runtime to execute CIL over QNX.Like the mono project for Linux, we want to be able to create applications running Managed Code under QNX 4, 6. As the IBM J9 Virtual Machine, a JVM for QNX did, we think that the possibilites we have with the .NET framework may be applied to this platform too. The implementation basically consists of: - CLR / CLI Implementation to create the runtime environment. ECMA based. - Base Class Library (BCL) to provide functionallity - C# Compiler. ECMA based. We know we can't do all the job. This is an experimental project that may or may not work. We hope to gain a wide set of Brains helping us to make it real.
Regards, Luis Gizirian.

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