Raima uses Softing's OPC UA Technology to Bring OPC standards to Embedded DB

Raima, a Birdstep Technology Company (OSE: BIRD), which offers state-of-the-art embedded database technologies, today announced the successful implementation of Softing's OPC Unified Architecture (UA) Toolbox creating an OPC based application that communicates directly with RDM Embedded's C-API.
""What this shows, is how easily you can create an application based on a Unified Architecture using Softing's innovative tools and Raima's powerful embedded database,"" said Duncan Bates, Vice President of Product Management at Raima. ""Now developers of embedded devices can use both a reliable and proven database, RDM Embedded® and in addition use a standards base interface to communicate to with the database.""
The OPC UA Toolkits are designed to assist software engineers to elegantly implement effective OPC Clients/Servers or to embed high-performance OPC UA technology directly into target devices like PLCs, DCS systems, or operator panels.
""We are very excited about Raima's successful OPC UA integration with their Raima Database Manager"" said Juergen Lange, market segment manager at Softing. ""As of today, over 1,650 companies have relied on Softing's OPC technology to develop their OPC products. Combing Raima's powerful embedded database with Softing's OPC UA technology will provide customers new options to easily integrate powerful data archiving in heterogenous automation equipment.""
One of the major advantages of OPC UA is its independence from the Windows operating system which provides for the deployment of OPC UA on Linux and real-time operating systems like Green Hills® Integrity® and Wind River's® VxWorks® and QNX®. Coincidently these are operating systems that you will also find RDM Embedded and combining the two technologies opens up new opportunities for developers.
About Softing
In industrial automation, Softing is a specialist for fieldbus technology and has established itself as a world-leading partner for networking automation systems and control solutions. Softing provides customers the key technology to connect devices, controls, and systems with the leading communication technologies. In fieldbus technology, Softing is a world-class expert for FOUNDATION™ fieldbus, PROFIBUS, and CAN/CANopen/DeviceNet. The company's wide range of expertise includes solutions for OPC, FDT, and Real-Time-Ethernet protocols such as, PROFINET IO, EtherNet/IP, and Modbus/TCP. Many of the products and services developed by Softing since the company was founded in 1979 have become reference standards throughout the world. In addition, Softing has established itself as a provider of sophisticated diagnostic tools for fieldbus systems. More information about Softing and their line of OPC products can be found on their Website: www.softing.com/opc.
About The Raima Database Manager Family
Raima released the first version of the Raima embedded database in 1984. Since then the family has grown into two successful embedded database products. RDM Embedded pioneered the embedded market space under the name dbVista. Building on the success of RDM Embedded, Raima released the product in a client/server configuration under the name Velocis, now called RDM Server. Please find free SDK downloads of the RDM Products at: www.raima.com/downloads.
About Raima
Raima, a wholly owned subsidiary of Birdstep Technology ASA, is a leading provider of high-performance, real-time, always on, embedded databases for both in-memory database usage and persistent storage devices. Raima Database Managers are found in everything from low cost real-time applications to high performance, high-availability application. With over 20 000 developers enjoying the flexibility of these COTS databases, the products are currently successfully deployed in over 25 million systems.

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