QNX Newsgroup Upcoming Changes

As a member of the QNX Community, you may be using the QNX Public Newsgroups found at news://inn.qnx.com. (a.k.a. QDN newsgroups). There will be some major changes in December. Existing qdn.public newsgroups will be deprecated on December 15th. However these newsgroups will still be available in a read-only archive.
On December 1, the following new groups will be added:
qnx.newuser - Installation, configuration and administration of the QNX Neutrino or QNX Momentics environments
qnx.rtos - Writing resources managers, and general discussion around the QNX Neutrino RTOS
qnx.gui - Creating graphical applications within a GUI environment, such as Photon or PhAB
qnx.development_tools - Self-hosted graphical development with the Eclipse IDE and cross-hosted development on Solaris, Linux, or Windows.
qnx.ddk - Writing device drivers for scanners, video card, optical mouse, etc
qnx.porting - Discuss migrating applications from QNX4, VxWorks, PSOS, or Linux to QNX Neutrino.
qnx.bsp - Discuss building an image, flashing a board or using a BSP
qnx.qnx4 - General QNX4 Discussion Group

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