QNX NC History

John Nagle just started a discussion on the changes in the QNX Non-Commercial releases over the years and different versions: from ""Everything worked"" in QNX 6.0 NC to mandatory registration for download and some features expired in 30 days as of the latest QNX 6.3.

John wrotes:
I'm trying to reconstruct the timeline of the restrictions
in the QNX NC versions. Is this right?

QNX 6.0 NC:
Everything worked.

QNX 6.1 NC:
? (need more info here)

QNX 6.2 NC:
No Eclipse IDE.
No ability to make a boot image

QNX 6.3 ""evaluation"":
Registration required for download.
Mandatory online registration at boot.
After 30 days:
No Eclipse IDE.
No QCC compiler.
No ability to make a boot image (?)

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