QNX community sites update

Recently there are some changes in Russian and French QNX community websites.
Pierre has been improving www.qnx-fr.com. He has already completed the forum migration to phpBB2 and added a new site navigation interface. The next step will be the updating of news engine. Michel Belanger, author of the famous Workspace, is another major contributor.
On the qnx.org.ru side, dmi is busy on testing the new site on the new server. The new server is four times faster. The site has been completely redesigned with all software updated, including the most popular QNX forum on earth. qnx.org.ru is also the home of major QNX projects from individuals: mike, maxshan, ag, ed1k, julius, kot, dmi, etc. You may not know all of those names but you sure would know their projects: SDL, PortMon, xEarth, Biew, ntfs driver, Desktop, etc.
Let's all wish the QNX community getting stronger!

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