Old News, Really old news

With the rumours abound about QNX 6.3 and the unannounced, but upcoming beta, I got into a discussion on IRC about the ""good ole days."" This lead into me digging out some really old QNX News ""magazines"" and reading them again.
After reading through a bunch of them I realized there is a whole generation of QNX users who have not seen what those of us with a few years behind us experienced. I scanned the older magazine I had and put it online here
I apologize for the size of the images, but it is hard to read it if I make them much smaller. It is interesting to read between the lines and get a feeling for the sense of family that the QNX community had in those days. It was a great product then, and still a great product today. If there is interest, I will scan some other issues and put them online as well.

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