Next QNX Release to Offer SCTP Support and IP Filtering

EMBEDDED SYSTEMS CONFERENCE (SAN FRANCISCO), March 30, 2004 - QNX Software Systems announced today it will introduce native support for two new networking features, expanding the company's offerings to one of the most comprehensive selections of pre-integrated protocols in the embedded market.In addition to existing support for protocols such as IPv4, IPv6, and the security protocol IPSec, the QNX® Momentics® development suite v6.3 will provide support for advanced networking features such as SCTP (stream control transmission protocol) and IP Filtering with Network Address Translation (NAT).
SCTP is a connection-oriented protocol that transports data in independent sequenced streams. Unlike traditional protocols such as TCP, SCTP reserves message boundaries, thereby offering a reliable end-to-end message transport service that provides applications with enhanced performance, reliability, and control functions. SCTP is often deployed in real-time applications such as failure detection in network monitoring, or for streaming video and multimedia. The QNX Neutrino® RTOS is the only realtime OS on the market to provide native support for SCTP.
For companies seeking to avoid performance bottlenecks in firewalls, network gateways, and switches, IP Filtering provides an efficient means of setting up rules for IP packet inspection while maintaining high throughput. The IP Filtering feature with NAT is fully integrated with existing QNX IPv4 and IPv6 protocols and is platform independent, allowing developers to target any of the leading communication processor architectures - MIPS, PowerPC, SH-4, ARM, XScale, or x86/Pentium.
All of the QNX natively supported protocols are based on standard industry implementations, and are pre-integrated and tested with the QNX Neutrino RTOS to reduce development effort and improve time to market.
""The embedded systems market today is being driven by the dual needs for Internet connectivity and networked devices,"" said Sachin Lawande, director of product management at QNX. ""By providing a comprehensive, and fully integrated, set of software building blocks for IP, optical, and wireless infrastructure products, QNX allows networking OEMs to achieve both lower cost and faster time to market.""
The new networking features will be available concurrent with the QNX Momentics development suite v6.3, slated for commercial release in Q2 2004.

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