Mozilla 1.6 Firefox 0.8 Thunderbird 0.5 for QNX 6.3.0 & 6.2.1

I just posted QNX 6.3.0 ( native 630 ) and QNX 6.2.1 packages for Mozilla 1.6, Firefox ( formerly Firebird ) 0.8 and Thunderbird 0.5 at
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I read many articles in the newsgroups saying that firefox 0.8 is ""smoking fast"". Try it.
Please note that the mozilla 1.6 included in the 6.3 beta is an outdated 621 build
( is missing (1), (2) and <630 only> below ).
Some changes, specific to the qnx/photon platform:
<630 only>

  • The rendering code has been updated to use the Cx functions ( PgDraw...Cx/PgSet..Cx ), saving the calls to PhDCGetCurrent, PgGetGC etc...
  • the images that have alpha maps are rendered correctly now, no matter the alpha map size ( the page often used to validate the png support in a browser displays ok now )
  • the very old problem in email composition or other text fields when the cursor is displayed way ahead of the correct position is fixed now
  • when selecting the text using the cursor, the text used to move left and right as you select - that should be fixed now ( except a known case (align:justify))
  • the links underlining is done correctly now ( the underline was beyond the boundaries of the link ).
  • note that in 630 the product size is reported wrong in installer due to a bug in the qnxinstaller. The sizes have gone in fact down.

<630 and 621>
(1)- the display problems with new website are fixed ( the black artifacts ).

  • the splash screen is displayed now for Firefox and thunderbird
  • the ""modern"" theme is set as the default one in the full version
  • the Johan Bjork problem with the Alt-Gr key should be fixed now

(2)- some webpages ( example ), after loading them, put a heavy load on the processor to just redisplay the exposed areas due to a problem in the image rendering - this is fixed now.

  • Fixed the printing problem in 621 ( printing any page was busted in 1.5 )
  • the clipboard code has been rewritten to allow copy/paste of content no matter the encoding ( copy/paste chinese/japanese content should work now ). Also allows to copy html content ( from instance copy from an html page into an email ).
  • The mozilla print preview ( File->Print preview ) was setting the page size incorrectly ( was stuck in something like landscape mode ).
  • The controls ( radiobox, checkbox, button etc ) can now be set using the keyboard ( space key )

( )

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