Mozilla 1.4 QNX Package Available

Adrian Mardare just wrote that he created a mozilla 1.4 package for Photon and made it available in the online 3rd Party Repository for QNX Neutrino v6.2.1.
Changes specific to the qnx/photon platform:

the right click menus ( context menus ) in the Mail&News client work now.

not related to the above: the menus now behave like regular photon menus -they have a big region underneath to collect mouse events etc.

if you don't like the antialiased, small fonts that are used in the menus, messages etc, you can now configure them. They are read now from a configuration file ( /usr/share/mozilla/system_fonts ). See the /usr/share/mozilla/system_fonts.README for the format of the file.

changes to improve the overall rendering speed.

packaging related: it now disables the old versions of mozilla rather than uninstalling them.

packaging related: there is an icon bound into the executable for the task bar.

This is the last ""xpfe/netscape style"" based browser. Starting with the 1.5 version, mozilla will consist of two separate applications: a ""smaller,

faster and better"" browser and a companion mail program. For more

information read the roadmap page at

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