Mission critical: QNX Neutrino and eXtremeDB chosen for nuclear plant safety

Nuclear plant safety is about as mission critical as it gets -- and RadiCo, a leading Russian developer of radiation monitoring systems, has chosen McObject's eXtremeDB in-memory database system along with QNX Neutrino as core software in its next-generation Radiation Monitoring System (RMS), which ensures safety in nuclear power plants serving millions of customers worldwide. eXtremeDB, which is designed to meet the growing data management needs of embedded devices, will reside in the RMS intelligent controllers distributed throughout nuclear facilities. With this improvement, RadiCo (short for Research and Industrial Corporation) increases the system's reliability and enables faster, more localized analysis, said Dmitry Chernykh, senior RadiCo developer.
The developer praised eXtremeDB's easy-to-use intuitive programming interface and noted that integration of a database on the controller supports expanded, data-intensive radiation monitoring capabilities.
The earlier generation of RadiCo's RMS controller collected measurements from sensors and immediately transmitted this data to the back-end server for further processing. Transmission latency and back-end performance overhead limited real-time analysis of plant radiation levels, humidity and other environmental conditions. Using eXtremeDB, the new RMS collects and analyzes measurements right on the controller, achieving much higher processing rates.
""We had to make sure the controller application could store and retrieve data in microsecond time frames, guaranteed. McObject’s eXtremeDB in-memory database system is a natural choice for applications that require this kind of real-time data processing,"" RadiCo's senior developer said.
With the addition of real-time on-device data management, RadiCo's controllers can now operate independently - an important capability if communication with the back end is temporarily severed.
""Reliability and safety are the major requirements in the nuclear industry. Keeping the most up-to-date data on the controller, and continuing to monitor plant systems in the face of communications or back-end disruption, is of paramount importance. eXtremeDB adds to this ability tremendously,"" said German Kashey, RadiCo chief technology officer.
QNX Neutrino was chosen for its fault-tolerance, scalability and real-time performance, the RadiCo senior software developer said. QNX Neutrino's capabilities, proven in a wide range of applications, ensure reliability even in the most demanding settings. QNX Neutrino also supports the near-zero latency responsiveness requirements of the industrial control system.
More information on RadiCo in English and Russian is available at www.radico.ru. Visit McObject's Web site for more more information on eXtremeDB, and download a free trial version of eXtremeDB for QNX Neutrino.

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