Fonix Hands Free Phone Using QNX

Fonix(R) Corp. (OTC BB: FNIX), an industry leader in delivering conversational speech solutions to consumer systems and devices for everyday use, announces that Extended Systems (ESI) will demonstrate the Fonix Hands Free Phone Solution, which includes Bluetooth(TM) technology running under QNX OS, for automobiles in their booth at the fourth annual Telematics Detroit Conference, May 25-26, 2004. Extended Systems will demonstrate Fonix's speech interface running on a Motorola 5200 demonstration board. The Fonix Hands Free Phone Solution demo, which includes Bluetooth(TM) technology running under QNX OS, allows drivers to make mobile phone calls via a convenient, safe speech interface. With the Fonix solution, there's no need for drivers to take their hands off the wheel to scroll through phone menus.
The Hands Free Phone Solution is a component of Fonix AutoSuite, which works as a natural voice interface inside a car for conveniently and safely controlling and managing systems like navigation, climate control, Internet access, multimedia systems and mobile phone access. Fonix AutoSuite is available for a license and per-unit royalty fee to automotive manufacturers, Tier-one suppliers and system integrators.
""The integration of ESI's Car SDK, a second generation telematics application that has been tested with the leading Bluetooth cell phones and has a common API for the Handsfree and Headset Profiles, will greatly decrease the amount of development time for automotive suppliers,"" said Brad Reid, ESI national sales manager. ""The Extended Systems Car SDK provides the underlying Bluetooth protocol stack that enables the Fonix speech recognition software.""
""The Fonix solution offers a fantastic opportunity for auto manufacturers to increase driver satisfaction and safety,"" said John Oelfke, vice president of Fonix Embedded Speech Solutions. ""Cell phone use while driving is on the rise; however, using the phone can jeopardize safety, and drivers need more convenient access to their phone than scrolling through menus and pushing buttons. Fonix AutoSuite for automobiles is a robust speech interface that provides the convenience drivers demand, without compromising safety.""

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