Erlang OTP R9C for QNX 6.2.1 x86 buildable source

This is a tarball of buildable source for the erlang language. Erlang is a FUNCTIONAL language, not an 'OO' wannabe, and the syntax is a major paradigm shift. The language was designed to do distributed telecoms applications and it does these better than pretty much anything else. There is an active user community and this announcement will be relayed to them as well.
This is unsupported, as we have real work that our employer expects us to do. The build is large and not for the weak of CPU or memory impaired. It works for us.
You will find the file in the download area:
otp_src_R9C-0-x86-QNX6.2.1.tar.gz md5sum a9ef57f4e75c0fcdd214301bac9946dfThis build supports java. It plays YAWS (An erlang based webserver). It does NOT support hipe. We could not overcome the missing bits in the 6.2.1 kernel, specifically:
dlopen doesn't include support for ""RTLD_NEXT""
SA_ONSTACK is not defined. There is a placeholder for it in the include file.
SIGSTKSZ is not defined. No clue as to when it will be working.
We may update this as time permits IF 6.3 corrects some of the above. We have a use for hipe if if is available.

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