Encirq 3e Database Suite for Embedded Systems Available

Encirq 3e, the world's smallest, high-performance, full-featured Embedded Database is now available for the QNX Neutrino RTOS. Encirq 3e features a development tool, the Encirq 3e Data Expert, and component libraries for Generating highly compact, custom, application-specific data management components. It supports all the major microprocessors. A free evaluation download is available at www.encirq.com.
* Broadly Available - Encirq 3e tools generate C-language source code, so you can target and tune your work to a wide variety of CPU and RTOS systems

* H ighly Compact - optimization of database logic from your specification means no overhead for command parsing, no surplus data types or features you don't use, and high degrees of data compaction]

* Extremely Fast - generation of C-language source code means direct execution of in-line database logic in your system ...

* Very Affordable - pre-packaged component licenses means you can manage and control your forecast/product costs on your bill of materials, often for nickels and dimes ...

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