DATAC Unveils RealFlex 6 SCADA and Process Control Software

Houston, Texas & Dublin, Ireland, June 24, 2004 - DATAC Technologies, a leading supplier of secure SCADA and process automation software, today announced the release of the next-generation automation software, DATAC RealFlex 6. RealFlex 6 uniquely combines the true real-time multi-tasking QNX® Neutrino® operating system with a Microsoft Windows-based HMI, providing the best of both worlds to utility managers. In the current climate of increasing cyber terror, utilities are seeking new ways to improve the security of their control systems infrastructure. DATAC RealFlex 6 is a secure, robust, and powerful system that manages real-time, historical, alarms, events, displays, and user databases.
According to Cyril Kerr, CEO of DATAC Technologies, ""With a proven track record in SCADA and process control automation software solutions and widespread market acceptance of RealFlex, DATAC Technologies is well-positioned to take a large share of this growing market.""
DATAC RealFlex 6 features include:
SCADA server on QNX Neutrino operating system, guaranteeing speed, security, and stability.
True hot standby configuration ensures systems are monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Full support of millisecond time stamping.
Improved visualisation of monitored system through enhanced graphics, including live video, gauges, and 3D vector symbols.
Zoning to allow operators to concentrate only on their areas of responsibility.
Automatic generation and delivery of Microsoft Excel reports via e-mail.
""DATAC Technologies have worked closely with QNX in their efforts to build a fast, secure SCADA architecture,"" said Shelley Bryen, strategic alliances manager at QNX Software Systems. ""By embedding the QNX Neutrino operating system into DATAC RealFlex 6, DATAC takes advantage of OS technology field-proven in thousands of mission-critical and life-critical applications.""
With its POSIX-based, memory-protected microkernel architecture, the QNX Neutrino RTOS provides greater provisions for security than conventional real-time operating system architectures. Data between the secure QNX-based server and client SCADA applications is dynamically encrypted to ensure greater security.
With its high degree of scalability, RealFlex 6 can be purchased in different configurations, depending on the number of input/output points that require monitoring and control, and on the number of operator seats to be connected.
DATAC RealFlex 6 is available through worldwide distributors. For further information on RealFlex 6, the latest addition to DATAC Technologies SCADA software and process control suite, visit
The DATAC Group is a leading global provider of telemetry, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), and M2M products and systems. Customers range from government bodies and major multinational engineering and telecommunications corporations, to local gas, plant and equipment supply companies. For over two decades DATAC's innovative solutions have been used by organisations working in the water and wastewater, oil and propane gas, marine, power and telecommunications sectors.
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