AbiWord 2.0.1 Released, QNX officially supported

The AbiWord team just announced the release of 2.0.1. This release marks the first official binary release of AbiWord for the Windows and QNX operating systems. Users on these platforms can now enjoy all the benefits of AbiWord's 2.0 powerful features and leading-edge ease of use. You can view the QNX screenshot thanks to phearbear. The 2.0.1 release provides numerous bug fixes in particular for the ""Revision Tracking"" feature. In addition, the Windows version now has JPEG, GIF and BMP support included.
QNX 6.2 or later is required. Download the installable binary AbiWord-2.0.1-qnx.qpr - 3.6MB and install using the QNX package management tools. When you run this setup program, it will install AbiWord and supporting files to the appropriate location on your hard drive.
Again, let's thank phearbear for his hard work for keeping AbiWord update with QNX.

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